The Leader Responsible for the Failing State of Our Union

Date: March 02, 2022
Phone: (602) 704-0445

Our American leaders used to pave the way for prosperity and exceptionalism. Today, as America battles against peril, Joe Biden stands at the frontline of our adversary of progress.  

Joe Biden has abandoned his sense and has simply lost touch. This has never been more apparent than today as Biden delivered his first State of the Union address.

American families are suffering at the hands of failed far-Left policy resulting in record inflation, an invasion on our southern border, and a needless war brought on by weak leadership.  

It is outright unacceptable and abhorrent for Joe Biden to speak about “building back better” when his reckless government spending has caused our national debt to skyrocket. 

It is unacceptable for Joe Biden to speak about national security, when our own borders remain unlocked for criminals. 

Empty shelves, unaffordable gas, record inflation, incompetency. We cannot afford Joe Biden anymore; the cost is too high for the state of our union.