Date: February 7, 2022
Phone: (602) 704-0445

February 7, 2022 (Scottsdale, AZ) – Today, Elijah Norton’s campaign for Congress released a new digital ad entitled “Betrayed” featuring Karen Garrett of Scottsdale, Congressman Schweikert’s campaign treasurer during the time of his numerous ethical violations.

Unbeknownst to Mrs. Garrett at the time, Congressman Schweikert was committing one of the “greatest” campaign coffer heists in our nation’s history. Mrs. Garrett was interviewed in 2020 by the House Ethics Committee; she was shocked to learn the enormity and seriousness of Schweikert’s deviance. According to the official summary report released by the House Ethics Committee, “Representative Schweikert’s campaign committee falsely reported that he had loaned the campaign $100,000, when no such loan had been made, and then falsely reported making $100,000 in disbursements, which served to adjust the campaign’s reported cash on hand that was propped up by the fictitious loan.”

“True leaders value the people that work for them, not take advantage of their trust” said Elena Ehrlin, Campaign Manager to Elijah Norton. “Congressman Schweikert’s betrayal and implication of one of his most valuable supporters speaks volumes to the consideration he affords each of his constituents.”

While Mrs. Garrett’s name has been cleared of responsibility, over $570,000 remains missing from David Schweikert’s campaign accounts to this day.

About Elijah Norton: 

Elijah Norton started a business at 21 years old with only $1,000, ten years later that same business employs over 100 people and generates more than $100MM in annual revenue. Being a business leader in the greater Phoenix area has given Elijah a unique perspective on how bad federal policy, overreaching tax policy, and regulations directly affect the economy and everyday lives of Valley citizens. Elijah is intent to fight to extend the job-creating Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), conservative health insurance reform, and plans on supporting tough policy against the rising threat of China. Elijah is running for Congress because the people of the Northeast Valley deserve ethical and true Conservative leadership restored in Washington. To read more about Elijah and his stance on the issues, please visit