We must secure the Border and finish the wall on our southern border and invest in technology to secure our border!

Joe Biden’s failures have resulted in an invasion at our southern border. Leaders representing Arizona should be advocates for immediate resources that will help eradicate the issue. Biden has given an order to our brave customs and border patrol agents to stand down and not enforce our immigration laws by deporting people who enter the United States illegally. When I am elected to Congress, I will work to make Biden do his constitutionally mandated duty and enforce our immigration laws!

We must establish a criminal database sharing system with Mexico. Hold criminals accountable in their own country, so we can be better equipped to know who is illegally entering our country.

Because of Joe Biden’s refusal to act, our border is being overrun. We need immediate action as our law enforcement and border patrol are understaffed and without adequate resources. We need leaders in Washington who will fight to secure the border, immediately! If I am elected, that will be me.

In 2016, the Democrats cried out “Russian Collusion” because they believed it affected the outcome of our election. In 2020 the question of election security took its place on the forefronts of issues affecting our country. Regardless if your politics are left, or right, we as American people should be confident in our democratic republic’s elections being free, fair, and transparent. If you are a citizen of the United States, you have the right to vote, for your vote to be accessible, and for your vote to be counted. I will vigorously defend your right to vote and make sure our elections are secure, fair, transparent, and free.

Republicans throughout the country in 2020 and 2021 have passed laws that require voter IDs (a safeguard Americans overwhelmingly support) and have passed laws to ensure that mail-in voting is secure. We need to continue the fight to ensure that fraud doesn’t occur in our election system.

Last year, after I moved into a new home, I received two ballots for people that no longer lived there. We need to be vigilant to ensure that our voter rolls are regularly updated against databases of people who move or who are deceased. There is nothing “undemocratic” about that. Updating voter rolls ensures that our democracy is protected against fraud.

In Congress, I will support legislation that makes it easy to vote, and hard to cheat, and push back against the radical left who want to try to pass legislation that will weaken the integrity of our elections. I will also support laws that impose severe penalties on those who are found guilty of committing election fraud.

Joe Biden and the Democrats’ failed economic policy of printing trillions of new dollars to pay for bloated federal programs has resulted in one of the worst periods of inflation our nation has ever seen.

Arizona’s families and businesses aren’t able to spend more than they have, our government shouldn’t be able to either. We must balance our budget, and that is why I support a balanced budget amendment to the United States constitution, as well as making sure that we have a plan to balance our budget and stop spending more than we take in. We did it in the 1990’s under Newt Gingrich, and we must do it again.

We must audit our nation’s spending and slash wasteful expenditures.

The government’s out of control spending and irresponsible fiscal policy is making it harder for our families to afford gas and groceries. The government should work for our citizens, not decrease the value of their paycheck.

Joe Biden’s closure of the Keystone XL pipeline has caused soaring prices at the pump and in the grocery store. We must reverse course and open the Keystone pipeline in order to provide immediate relief for our citizens.

America must restore the energy independence we enjoyed under the Trump administration. America has the ability to be a net exporter of oil, but Democrats in Washington are more focused on virtue signaling to progressive elites than ensuring Americans can afford the gas they need to get to work. We must end our reliance on foreign oil. We should not be going to Iran, Venezuela, and other American adversaries like Russia for oil when we can drill in our own backyard.

In Congress, I will support expanding the number of drill and fracking permits, finishing the Keystone pipeline, and increased domestic energy production. This will help make gas and groceries more affordable for Americans.

AOC and the Squad’s “Green New Deal” hurts everyday Americans. In Washington, I will fight to end our reliance on foreign oil and push for policies that keep prices at the pump affordable.

China poses the greatest threat to the United States, democracy, and the free world. China will stop at nothing in their attempt to become the most prosperous and powerful nation on Earth.

Congress must craft some of the toughest policies against China we have ever seen in order to curtail China’s power grab. This includes banning Chinese companies and citizens from owning American farmland, companies, and assets. We also need to encourage US companies to manufacture their goods here in America or in countries that are friendly to our interests.

We need to work with our allies around the globe to have a strong stance against all the deplorable actions that China is now committing around the world. We also need to make clear that we will defend our friend and ally, Taiwan from Chinese aggression.

We need to “decouple” from China—and fast. In Congress, I will work to craft legislation that incentivizes businesses to invest back into the United States. China has been making alarming advances in their military – especially in the area of hypersonic weapons. I will work to ensure that we maintain the strongest and most technologically advanced military in the world to deter China and our other adversaries around the globe.

The American dream is alive and well, and I feel privileged to have worked to see it achieved myself. Beginning with $1,000 at 21 years old, I built a company that now produces $100 million in annual revenue and employs over 100 people. This would not have been a possible feat anywhere but in the United States of America, and that is the direct result of our free-market Capitalist system. The radical Left has begun to openly embrace Socialism, a tyrannical and dangerous ideology. Enough is enough. As a Congressman, I will do everything in my power to counteract this malicious and blatant attack on our freedom, so every citizen has the same opportunity to pursue their American Dream.

Socialism has resulted in the death and misery of over 100 million human beings throughout the 20th century, while free-market capitalism has lifted millions of people out of poverty. A most recent example is Venezuela’s disastrous move from a free-market society to a Socialist country under Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro. This tragedy has resulted in Venezuela going from one of the richest countries on Earth to one of the poorest in only two decades, a place where people are now eating out of trash cans to survive. We cannot allow this to happen in the United States.

We also need to stop the radical Left from making Socialism look attractive to millennials by saying countries like Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are “Socialist” utopias. They’re not. They are free-market welfare states. We need to remind our younger generation that examples of Socialist states are the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and North Korea, not European countries that have expansive government services.
I will fight against radical Socialism at every turn. I will fight against AOC, Ilhan Omar, and other members of the “squad” who want to destroy our society, while bringing an educated background to dispel the myths of why an economy controlled by the government is a “good idea”—it’s not. Socialism needs to be relegated to our history books and nightmares, not openly discussed in Congress or by presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders.

Bureaucratic over regulation is a hindrance to free enterprise. The executive branch has been allowed to run rampant creating overbearing, and unnecessary regulation. As someone who owns an insurance business, I know first-hand that regulations and bureaucracy kill innovation. In Congress, I will work to reduce the size of the “administrative state” and end unnecessary federal regulations.

When President Trump passed the Tax-Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) I re-invested all the money back into my business, and thousands of other businesses did too. Now, my business employs over 100 people in the Phoenix area. Tax cuts work, and in Congress I will work to make permanent the TCJA, as well as fight for tax cuts for small businesses and American families.

Americans should not be forced to pay for failing big-government pet-projects and over-spending. Americans should keep more of their own paycheck. In Congress, I will fight to lower taxes for our families and to reduce regulations that are a hindrance to businesses’ success.

As someone who has been working in insurance for years now, I understand first-hand where our so-called “big-government fix” comes up short time after time for the American people. I own an insurance company and am a licensed insurance agent in nearly every US state. Currently, no one in Congress has detailed insurance experience. I know I have the necessary knowledge to create a robust plan for conservative health care reform. Everyone should have access to healthcare, but our health should not be managed by a bunch of incompetent federal bureaucrats. I’ve also done insurance business in Canada. When liberals talk about how “great” the Canadian socialized medicine system is, I can personally attest that that is false. For example, one of my employee’s fathers died on a cot outside a hospital room in Montreal because he was placed on a waiting list for too long. I know many Canadian business owners who go to the United States for simple surgeries, like knee replacements, because they have a 2-4 year wait to get one in Canada.

Like with all things, the answer isn’t more government—it’s less! Through a market-based approach, healthcare will become more affordable and more accessible for all. We need to do more to reduce regulatory barriers that make it difficult for health insurance companies to start up and encourage competition. Isn’t it odd that only five health insurance companies control over 70% of the US health insurance market? We need more competition, not less. That will reduce premiums and increase access—while at the same time not sacrificing the quality of care.

Another way we can reduce premiums is by utilizing innovative technologies and allowing more generic drugs into the prescription drug market in the United States.

We can accomplish conservative health care reform while still protecting those with pre-existing conditions. The solution is out there, but the right person–someone with experience, needs to lead the charge. If elected to Congress, that person will be me.

A strong presence of American leadership is necessary to dissuade foreign adversaries of unnecessary challenge. Biden’s first foreign policy blunder happened in the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. If Joe Biden displayed American strength adequately it may have discouraged Russia from attacking Ukraine.

America is a light in a world of darkness. America has many issues it needs to be facing head-on. Such as the invasion on our southern border. In Congress, I will not support America engaging in fighting more endless foreign wars.

I strongly support parental rights in education. This means that Parents, not teachers, should have the right to decide what is best for their children. I fully support school choice, and that means enacting a federal tax credit program allowing parents to choose to educate their children through charter schools, private schools, homeschools, and other educational options that parents decide.

Throughout my life and career, I have had one very fundamental belief—we are all equal. No one’s race or ethnicity should ever hold one back from opportunities and the fact that we all have different backgrounds here in America makes us stronger. I have followed this belief throughout my life. In High School, I attended an international boarding school, and to this day have friends from all over the world, including South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Latin America. In business, I employ and promote people based on merit. I don’t care about their race, gender, or ethnicity. We care about their ability to do their job. Because of this, I can boast that all of my businesses have a diverse and highly qualified management team. This happened naturally, not by forced government mandate.

Critical race theory isn’t about promoting the idea that we are all created equal. It is, in fact, a racist theory. It was written by radical far-left professors. Teaching critical race theory to our children, that people are either “oppressors” or “oppressed,” dramatically hurts and demoralizes people of color and it needs to stop. Critical race theory isn’t about teaching racial equality, it is about indoctrinating children to hate each other, sowing racist division in the classroom, and in America. I believe we need to educate our children on our history, which includes educating them on the horrors of slavery, the Civil War, and Jim Crow. We must also remind them how far America has come, that America is not a racist nation, it is a nation where anyone from any race, ethnicity, or background can achieve anything they want.

In Congress, I will fight to sponsor legislation to ban critical race theory from schools, including colleges and universities that receive federal money. As a millennial who went to college during the 2010s, I have seen firsthand how far-left college professors would rather indoctrinate students with radical theories in their classrooms, instead of teaching facts. While China and other nations are teaching about actual world history, math, science, and other skills that their workforce will need in the 21st century, teachers and professors across our country are teaching ridiculous far-left ideologies to their students. It’s time to put a stop to it nationwide before it’s too late.

I am deeply concerned for the well-being of the most vulnerable in our society, the unborn. I believe in the sanctity of life and will fight to protect, defend, and secure the right of life for the innocent. My pro-life belief isn’t just due to conservative dogma; it comes from personal experience.

When my mother became pregnant with my brother at age 40, after numerous medical and scientific tests, doctors quickly told her that her child would have severe mental disabilities, and possibly even down syndrome. She was advised by her doctors to have an abortion.

Thankfully, due to her courage and faith, my mother ignored their advice and didn’t have an abortion. My brother was born a healthy baby , and years later he graduated near the top of his class from a prestigious law school, and is now a practicing attorney. Had my mother listened to the doctors and other medical professionals, my brother wouldn’t be alive today.

I am also against giving any federal funds to Planned Parenthood, or any organization that performs abortions in the United States.

I believe the constitution should be interpreted as written by our founders, not left up to the whims and wills of activist federal judges.

I support appointing judges who will follow this philosophy on the supreme court, appellate, and the circuit courts in the United States and I am adamantly opposed to activist judges making up new laws.

While I am not running for Senate, I support the filibuster. Our founders envisioned the Senate to be the “cooling saucer” of our Republic, and the filibuster helps accomplish this. It stops the “whims of the day” from becoming law and requires our Senators to deliberate and find solutions. The Democrats repeated calls to “abolish” the filibuster are both dangerous and hypocritical.

Finally, I am against any proposals to “pack” the United States supreme court.

Unequivocally, I support a strong United States/Israel relationship.

It’s important for the United States that we maintain our relationship with Israel as a strong friend and ally in the Middle East and I firmly believe the relationship between America and Israel is the basis for long-term peace and stability in the region.

The United States and Israel share not only a commitment to freedom and peace, but many of the same enemies who seek to do both of our citizen’s harm.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, President Trump said many times that he would move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and thankfully he did it. I believe the U.S. Embassy should be in Jerusalem.

While we hope for a peaceful and moderate Iran, the country, as it currently exists, is a threat to Israel and the entire Middle East. Iran’s human rights violations, support for terrorism and growth of its missile program show that it continues marching toward destabilization of the region and the destruction of Israel and by extension, America.

Our second amendment to the United States Bill of Rights is the right that secures all others. It sets our country apart from the rest of the world and provides an active citizen check on its own government. Therefore, our right to own firearms should be protected and upheld at all costs.

Criminals by their very definition are lawbreakers. Our country is undergoing a crisis of mental health, and we need to focus more time, energy, awareness, and safeguards to this issue. However, government mandates and over-bearing regulations only inhibit law-abiding citizen’s rights.

As a firearm owner myself, I know how important it is to uphold our fundamental right to bear arms and ensure our personal safety. In Congress, I will be an unwavering defender of the Second Amendment.