Date: February 15, 2022
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Contact: Press@NortonforArizona.com

2022’s first Congressional TV in Arizona comes in the wake of the Federal Election Commission’s February 11th fine of Congressman David Schweikert’s campaign committee.

February 15, 2022 (Scottsdale, AZ)- In a district wide television and digital ad buy, Elijah Norton’s campaign for Congress in AZ-1 becomes the first Congressional Campaign up on television, as they release their newest campaign ad, “Knowingly and Willfully.”

On February 11, 2022, the Federal Election Commission fined David Schweikert’s campaign committee $125,000 for “knowingly and willfully converting campaign funds for personal use.” This is one of the highest fines in history assessed by the FEC against a sitting member of Congress.

Among Schweikert’s campaign finance violations, the Congressman has pled guilty to writing himself a fake six-figure loan and accepting nearly $300,000 in illegal donations, with at least $570,000 in campaign dollars being unaccounted for.

“After having already plead guilty to 11 ethical violations and being assessed a $50,000 fine by the House Ethics Committee, Congressman Schweikert continues to bring disgrace to Arizona and disappointment to the Republican party with this new $125,000 fine” said Brian Seitchik, Chief Strategist for the Norton Campaign. “While Congressman Schweikert has brushed his ethical violations off as simple clerical errors or the misconduct of staff, the FEC’s emphasis on Schweikert’s ‘knowing and willful’ conduct makes it resoundingly clear, the only federal building Shady Schweikert should be serving in is a federal penitentiary.”

Watch “Knowingly & Willfully” here

About Elijah Norton: 

Elijah Norton started a business at 21 years old with only $1,000, ten years later that same business employs over 100 people and generates more than $100MM in annual revenue. Being a business leader in the greater Phoenix area has given Elijah a unique perspective on how bad federal policy, overreaching tax policy, and regulations directly affect the economy and everyday lives of Valley citizens. Elijah is intent to fight to extend the job-creating Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), conservative health insurance reform, and plans on supporting tough policy against the rising threat of China. Elijah is running for Congress because the people of the Northeast Valley deserve ethical and true Conservative leadership restored in Washington. To read more about Elijah and his stance on the issues, please visit www.nortonforarizona.com.