Elijah Norton filed papers declaring his candidacy

Date: July 30, 2021
Phone: (602) 704-0445
Contact: Press@NortonforArizona.com

Earlier today, conservative Republican and successful entrepreneur Elijah Norton filed papers declaring his candidacy to represent the citizens of Arizona’s First Congressional District in Congress. 

“In 2020, David Schweikert became one of five Congressman in history to be unanimously reprimanded by every Republican and every Democrat, pled guilty to 11 ethical violations, and was ordered to pay a $50,000 fine. If any of us committed even a fraction of these crimes, we would have been fired immediately and probably put in jail. That’s why I’m running to fire David Schweikert and end his 30 years as a corrupt, career politician. 

“Schweikert committed bank fraud by creating a fake $100,000 loan, forced his taxpayer-funded staff to illegally donate nearly $300,000 to his campaign, and even illegally spent campaign dollars for fancy dinners, babysitters, and even first-class plane tickets. And don’t forget about the $570,000 that “disappeared” from his campaign account.  

“And if Schweikert’s many-many ethical violations aren’t enough, he votes with far-left members of Congress like AOC and the progressive “squad” more than any other Arizona Republican.  

“I’m a real conservative, and as your Congressman, I will vote to secure our border, cut taxes and regulations, and be tough on China. I’m Elijah Norton, and I’m running for Congress because we deserve better than David Schweikert.” 

Please click below to watch Elijah’s announcement video and learn more about Elijah on our website, NortonforArizona.com

Click here to read David Schweikert’s Ethics Committee report.