Elijah Norton’s Statement on the Reconciliation Bill

Date: September 16, 2021
Phone: (602) 704-0445
Contact: Press@NortonforArizona.com

Coming just weeks after the U.S. Senate approved the Democrats one-trillion-dollar Infrastructure bill, House Democrats approve a massive 3.5-trillion-dollar leftist wish list of new government spending. The plan is to send this inflated bill through the reconciliation process, that requires only a simple majority to pass the Senate.

The $3,500,000,000,000 price tag encompasses ten years of reckless future taxing on the American people, and spending money the federal government does not have, plunging us into another decade of debt crisis. Americans can already see inflation rates rising with a simple trip to the grocery store. This bill once enacted would be catastrophic for the everyday American as the U.S. dollar would be rendered less valuable.

This bill is a harmful, partisan, Leftist wish-list. It encompasses policy initiatives to enact the Green New Deal, continued welfare subsidies for people who do not want to work, and the expansion of other wasteful and unnecessary government programs.

This reckless Democrat-led spending spree is another example of how the American-left intends to cripple our country for the next decade. It is unacceptable. This bill has already passed one chamber of Congress and has the potential to become law with absolutely no Republican support.

This is a prime example of why Republicans need to win the U.S. House majority back in 2022. I am elated to be running for Congress in Arizona to represent a levelheaded approach to government spending. It will be achieved by decreasing reckless spending and downsizing the engorged federal government.