Pledge to Support Term Limits in Congress

Pledge to Support Term Limits in Congress

Date: October 28, 2021
Phone: (602) 704-0445

The Founding Fathers had a vision for who should serve in our United States Congress—community leaders, business leaders, and other respected figures in the community, like those who founded this great nation, should be representing their constituents in Congress. My great-great-great-grandfather who I was named after, was a well-respected judge who put everything on the line in 1861—at the start of the Civil War to serve his constituents in Congress. Today, many of the people in Congress are career politicians who have been there for 10, 20, or even over 30 years. That is not what the founders intended, and it needs to stop

Washington should be a place where people cycle through, offering their unique insight and then returning to real life. I will bring a unique business-minded outlook to Congress, and then before I fall into the lazy cycle of seeking re-election over and over, I will get out.

Therefore, I am excited to announce on October 26, 2021, I signed the Term Limits Pledge, stating that if elected to Congress I will support, sponsor, and co-sponsor legislation that limits the terms people can serve in federal office. Do-nothing career politicians are the sickness of our democracy, we need a consistently fresh perspective, and limit bought-out career politicians who are only in office to serve themselves.

90s Pop-Up – Schweikert’s Greatest Hits

90s Pop-Up - Schweikert's Greatest Hits

Date: October 18, 2021
Phone: (602) 704-0445
Contact: Elena Ehrlin

(Scottsdale, AZ) — Elijah Norton’s campaign for US Congress is releasing its newest digital campaign advertisement today. The ad, which highlights the transgressions of David Schweikert, will be seen across the district starting immediately. 

“David Schweikert is the most corrupt politician in Arizona history,” said Brian Seitchik, chief strategist for the Norton campaign, “Schweikert has repeatedly shaken down the American taxpayer to pay for his personal indulgences and raided his campaign accounts to cover the rest; this ad highlights some of Schweikert’s greatest hits.”

Fundraising totals for the third quarter of 2021, $1.56 million​

fundraising totals for the third quarter of 2021, $1.56 million

Date: October 15, 2021
Phone: (602) 704-0445
Contact: Elena Ehrlin

October 15, 2021 (Scottsdale, AZ) — Elijah Norton announces his fundraising totals for the third quarter of 2021, totaling $1.56 million. With $312,000 in individual donations and a $1,250,000 personal investment, Norton is extremely well-positioned heading into the end of the year as he gears up to take on David Schweikert in the primary election.

“In his first two months as a formal candidate, Elijah Norton has received immense support. Elijah has effectively demonstrated he will have the resources to bring to light the embarrassment and betrayal Congressman Schweikert has committed against his own constituents and supporters. Congressman Schweikert has already been unanimously reprimanded by his colleagues in the U.S. House, and the referendum on his corruption-laden practices is now underway.” said Elena Ehrlin, Campaign Manager for Norton. 

David Schweikert continues to face ridicule after spending over a million dollars of donors’ contributions on legal bills after admitting to 11 ethical violations. These transgressions include forcing his taxpayer-funded staff to illegally donate nearly $300,000 to his campaign, creating a six-figure fake loan for personal benefit, and at least $570,000 in campaign dollars were unaccounted for.  




About Elijah Norton: 

Elijah Norton started a business at 21 years old with only $1,000, ten years later that same business employs over 100 people and generates more than $100MM in annual revenue. Being a business leader in the greater Phoenix area has given Elijah a unique perspective on how bad federal policy, overreaching tax policy, and regulations directly affect the economy and everyday lives of Valley citizens. Elijah plans to fight to extend the job-creating Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), conservative health insurance reform, and plans on supporting tough policy against the rising threat of China. Elijah is running for Congress because the people of the Northeast Valley deserve ethical and true Conservative leadership restored in Washington. To read more about Elijah and his stance on the issues, please visit

Elijah Norton’s Statement on the Reconciliation Bill​

Elijah Norton’s Statement on the Reconciliation Bill

Date: September 16, 2021
Phone: (602) 704-0445

Coming just weeks after the U.S. Senate approved the Democrats one-trillion-dollar Infrastructure bill, House Democrats approve a massive 3.5-trillion-dollar leftist wish list of new government spending. The plan is to send this inflated bill through the reconciliation process, that requires only a simple majority to pass the Senate.

The $3,500,000,000,000 price tag encompasses ten years of reckless future taxing on the American people, and spending money the federal government does not have, plunging us into another decade of debt crisis. Americans can already see inflation rates rising with a simple trip to the grocery store. This bill once enacted would be catastrophic for the everyday American as the U.S. dollar would be rendered less valuable.

This bill is a harmful, partisan, Leftist wish-list. It encompasses policy initiatives to enact the Green New Deal, continued welfare subsidies for people who do not want to work, and the expansion of other wasteful and unnecessary government programs.

This reckless Democrat-led spending spree is another example of how the American-left intends to cripple our country for the next decade. It is unacceptable. This bill has already passed one chamber of Congress and has the potential to become law with absolutely no Republican support.

This is a prime example of why Republicans need to win the U.S. House majority back in 2022. I am elated to be running for Congress in Arizona to represent a levelheaded approach to government spending. It will be achieved by decreasing reckless spending and downsizing the engorged federal government.

Statement of Elijah Norton on the crisis in Afghanistan

Statement of Elijah Norton on the crisis in Afghanistan

Date: August 27, 2021
Phone: (602) 704-0445

As Americans, the recent Biden-inflicted crisis in Afghanistan is not only one of the worst foreign policy disasters in the history of the United States, but it also has dire consequences for the reputation of our great nation for many years to come.

The crisis in Afghanistan was completely avoidable. For the purposes of this discussion, I will not debate whether we should withdraw Americans from Afghanistan. What is most at issue is the way the withdrawal occurred. It is completely embarrassing, unacceptable, and shows a serious dereliction of duty by members of our administration and the President of the United States, Joe Biden.

When the President of the United States is sworn in as the highest executive, they take an oath to “faithfully execute the Office of the President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

The first paragraph in our constitution—one of the most revered documents in the history of western democracy states, “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

The President is required by his oath to uphold that statement—as well as all the other parts of our constitution. One of his most basic duties is to ensure that American citizens—both here and abroad are kept safe and protected.

As of today’s, date, over 1,500 American citizens are still in Afghanistan. These are not members of the American military—but rather Americans who went to Afghanistan for a variety of reasons—with the assumption that their country would protect them. Joe Biden has essentially admitted defeat—and his administration has said that all our citizens might not get out. It appears the Biden administration has abandoned them.

Instead of grossly neglecting his duties—he should have ordered our military to get our citizens out first and then move out our military. He should have gotten our billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment out of the country before pulling our troops out—not leaving it there for use by the Taliban, who have openly mocked us in pictures—and leaving it there for our adversaries such as China and Russia to seize and possibly reverse-engineer.

Biden has had many opportunities to speak on this matter and set the record straight. However, instead of act and lead, as he is required to do by the Constitution, he has continued to show what myself and many others feared most—he is mentally incompetent, and possibly has severe dementia.

How can someone like that lead the most powerful nation on Earth during what will be one of the most tumultuous times in our history? In the next 4 years, China and Russia will take more aggressive actions. China may try to invade our democratic ally, Taiwan. Today, we saw the evil face of terrorism re-emerge. Donald Trump took out ISIS, Al Queda, and left terrorists on the run. Today, we have seen those organizations re-emerge almost overnight and attack Americans. I am worried this is only the first attack, and more may follow.

The reality is this: peace through strength works. Donald Trump understood this. Joe Biden clearly doesn’t and has thus proven to be one of the weakest leaders in US history.

I am a student of the history—and one of my favorite subjects was that of the fall of the Roman Empire. In fact, in my senior thesis as a political science major in college I expressed my concerns that America and Rome share some scary similarities. Rome collapsed because of weak leadership. I cannot stand by and see America fall to the same eventual demise–and this is one of the main reasons I am running for Congress.

Joe Biden’s conduct has shown that he is one of the weakest Presidents—if not the weakest President—we have ever had. He has shown that he is incompetent and incapable of leading through multiple crises that we have had since has inaugurated.

Impeachment or removal of a President is something that should be rare, somber, and only done when absolutely necessary. As someone who has lived to see the impeachment of Bill Clinton and the bogus impeachment of Donald Trump—we can’t simply impeach a President because we don’t agree with their policies or their personal lives. Rather, impeachment should be reserved for the gravest of circumstances.

When a president shows to the entire United States, our allies, and the world that they are incompetent and unable to perform their most basic duties—to protect American lives—that changes the calculus—and warrants resignation or impeachment.

The twenty-fifth amendment to the Constitution essentially states that if a President is unable to perform his duties, that they can be removed from office by a two-thirds majority by both houses of Congress after referral from the cabinet.

At this point, I don’t think this should be a partisan issue. If anyone watches one of Joe Biden’s recent press conferences—it is totally apparent—Joe Biden is not mentally present. He is not competent and has severe incapacity. It is very clear that he is not mentally fit or equipped to deal with the many crises that face the United States of America—and I believe that he should immediately resign or be legally removed from office. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue; this is an American issue.

Further, I am calling on Lloyd Austin and the generals who advised the President during this catastrophe to resign. Lloyd Austin has shown that he is inept as well. If he worked for my company or any other organization, he would be immediately fired without severance. You should not reward gross incompetence with continued employment.

I am calling on President Joe Biden and his handlers to resign. If he does not do this, our leaders in Congress or members of the cabinet need to act and either impeach him or invoke the twenty-fifth amendment. We cannot endure another 3 years of these disasters and blunders. My fear is if we do, the America of 2024 will be so dramatically worse off it may be unrepairable.

Finally, my opponent has not come out strongly enough against this crisis. While I do commend him on setting up a hotline for the victims in Afghanistan—this crisis has shown that we need people who will fight for what is right and make bold statements against disastrous foreign policy. In Congress—I plan to be a leading voice against far-left policies that put America last and weaken us on the world stage. This week has shown that Joe Biden doesn’t care about us, our country, our citizens abroad, or the thousands of Americans who put on a uniform to defend freedom throughout the world. He must be held accountable—either by resignation, legal action—or by us voting him out in 2024—and electing a Republican Congress in 2022 to stop his radical policies and incompetence.


Elijah Norton

Elijah Norton for U.S. Congress (AZ-06) has raised $200,000 in donations in the first week

Elijah Norton for U.S. Congress raised $200,000 in donations in the first week

Date: August 9, 2021
Phone: (602) 704-0445

Elijah Norton for U.S. Congress (AZ-06) has raised $200,000 in donations in the first week of the campaign.

Last week, David Schweikert’s campaign told the Arizona Republic that Norton was not a “serious candidate.” Though the massive amount of support around Elijah’s race in the first week has proven otherwise.

Norton’s campaign raised more money than David Schweikert in his entire second quarter of 2021 in only one week and accomplished an unprecedented fundraising sum in recent Arizona history.

“We are grateful for the overwhelming outpour of support around Elijah. This past week has proven citizens are passionate about seeing corrupt career politicians fired. We, alongside the voters, are looking forward to David Schweikert answering for his crimes at the Primary ballot box next year,” said Campaign Manager Elena Ehrlin.

Elijah Norton’s campaign has hit the ground running and appreciates the continued encouragement from the people of the sixth Congressional District. The campaign is looking forward to the bright future of bringing truly Conservative and ethical leadership back to the northeast valley and Congress.

Elijah Norton filed papers declaring his candidacy

Elijah Norton filed papers declaring his candidacy

Date: July 30, 2021
Phone: (602) 704-0445

Earlier today, conservative Republican and successful entrepreneur Elijah Norton filed papers declaring his candidacy to represent the citizens of Arizona’s Sixth Congressional District in Congress. 

“In 2020, David Schweikert became one of five Congressman in history to be unanimously reprimanded by every Republican and every Democrat, pled guilty to 11 ethical violations, and was ordered to pay a $50,000 fine. If any of us committed even a fraction of these crimes, we would have been fired immediately and probably put in jail. That’s why I’m running to fire David Schweikert and end his 30 years as a corrupt, career politician. 

“Schweikert committed bank fraud by creating a fake $100,000 loan, forced his taxpayer-funded staff to illegally donate nearly $300,000 to his campaign, and even illegally spent campaign dollars for fancy dinners, babysitters, and even first-class plane tickets. And don’t forget about the $570,000 that “disappeared” from his campaign account.  

“And if Schweikert’s many-many ethical violations aren’t enough, he votes with far-left members of Congress like AOC and the progressive “squad” more than any other Arizona Republican.  

“I’m a real conservative, and as your Congressman, I will vote to secure our border, cut taxes and regulations, and be tough on China. I’m Elijah Norton, and I’m running for Congress because we deserve better than David Schweikert.” 

Please click below to watch Elijah’s announcement video and learn more about Elijah on our website,

Click here to read David Schweikert’s Ethics Committee report.