Why Elijah?

Elijah Norton will bring a unique perspective to Congress as an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader. He started a company at 21 with only $1,000. Today, 10 years later at 31 years old, his organization employs over 100 people and operates throughout the United States and across the globe. Elijah has extensive experience fighting against excessive bureaucracy and regulation – and realizes the need to cut as much regulation as possible to allow businesses to flourish.

He is a dedicated Conservative who believes people create jobs and opportunities, not the government. Elijah understands the importance of cutting taxes and encouraging businesses to invest capital in their companies to create jobs and opportunities for all. Elijah’s company and employees benefited directly from President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“TCJA”), and he reinvested nearly every dollar of savings in taxes back in his company – allowing his business to grow—creating numerous jobs in the process. In 2018, when the TCJA was enacted, Elijah’s businesses had only 22 employees. Today—thanks to President Trump’s tax cuts, his business employs over 100 people.

Today Congress is filled with corrupt politicians who have never created a job, who have never accomplished anything other than being career politicians, and who are in Congress to enrich themselves—not look out for the 700,000+ people that elected them. Like President Trump, Elijah doesn’t need to run for Congress—he wants to because he wants to help change the direction that our country is going before it is too late.

If Elijah is elected, he will aggressively stand up to socialists like AOC and “the squad”, and others on the far-left who want to try to destroy our nation and way of life. As someone who has seen firsthand how Capitalism can work for anyone, Elijah will defend the American free enterprise system. Elijah understands that career politicians like David Schweikert are getting too comfortable doing nothing in Washington, so he plans to term-limit himself with an eight-year cap. He believes that is more than enough time to contribute his fresh perspective and get out before D.C. changes him. He also plans on refusing the congressional pension system and donating 100% of his congressional salary to charities located in the district. His opponent, by contrast, has taken over $2,000,000 in congressional salary since he has been elected, which all went straight to his pocket.

Elijah is running for Congress because he believes we need public servants who are making a sacrifice to serve the people. Elijah is prepared to step up to the plate to make that sacrifice and give back to the country that has allowed him to gain so much.

Elijah asks for your vote because you deserve better than an unethical and unanimously disgraced career politician formally reprimanded by all of his Republican colleagues.

Elijah believes that America is a light in a world of darkness. We need people in Congress that will put their country over themselves and stand up to actually represent us in Congress. We must fight for the light that is America, or the future of our country and world will become a dark place. Elijah wants to bring that fight for you and your family to Congress. Please join us by voting for Elijah Norton for Congress.


Elijah Norton was born and raised in the Midwest to parents who taught him the importance of working hard and contributing to society. His family has a long history of American patriotism and achieving their own slices of the American dream. He grew up listening to stories from family members about his great-great-great grandfather Elijah Hise Norton, for whom he was named after, who served in Congress during the American Civil War and was a driving force against Missouri’s succession from the Union. Elijah fell in love with America and her rich history growing up, and he is deeply concerned about the direction America is headed. If elected to Congress, Elijah plans to take after his great-great-great grandfather by protecting and conserving America, and our shared sacred freedom.

Elijah took the invaluable lessons he learned from his hard-working parents and put them to the test while attending the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. At 21, while in college, Elijah saw a need in society and used $1,000 he had saved up to start his own business. Ten years later, that same small start-up now employs over 100 people and is a leader in the finance and insurance industry. His business is now operating throughout the United States, Canada, Chile, and Europe. In 2015, Norton expanded his business and moved it to the Phoenix area, where he now calls Scottsdale his home.

Elijah believes we need more people, like his great-great-great grandfather, who leave their livelihoods behind and go to Washington, D.C. to fight for what is best for America—not themselves. We all know Washington, D.C. is broken. The way we fix it is by electing people who have accomplished something in their lives first, and then decide to run for public office—not by electing career politicians.

Elijah Norton is no stranger to fixing problems, and that’s exactly why he is running to represent the northeast valley in Congress. The problems we face together as a nation are immense, but, with the right leadership, Elijah believes we can fix them.

The citizens of Arizona deserve better than a Representative mired in ethics violations more committed to self-preservation than doing the people’s business. Elijah believes lower taxes, a balanced budget, and limited government means more freedom for the American people. He will fight to keep the bright light of America shining throughout the world and will fight to bring much needed change to Washington, D.C.