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Elijah Norton is an America first conservative, who has been active in Arizona politics for years. He has helped numerous America-first candidates for US Congress, Senate, and state legislature, has been a major fundraiser for various conservative candidates—donating over $500,000 in the 2022 election cycle alone, and has been a proud supporter of grassroots efforts throughout Arizona. Elijah has truly lived the American dream. He started a business with just $1000, today – over a decade later, his insurance company generates over $120 million in annual revenue and operates across the United States and globally. As an executive of a multimillion-dollar insurance company, Elijah has extensive knowledge of audits, financial statement preparation, and accounting. Elijah wants to put that knowledge to work for the AZGOP to have accurate and transparent financials. Also, as a former candidate for federal office, Elijah is very well acquainted with the numerous Federal and Arizona regulations that govern the reports that the AZGOP has to file.
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As the President of Veritas Global Protection Services, INC and Azura Insurance Corporation, Elijah oversees an organization of insurance businesses that generate over $120MM per year in annual revenues. Elijah has extensive advanced accounting knowledge and experience, including:

  • Currently oversees a business that has over $120 million per year deposited into over 30+ bank accounts in multiple currencies
  • Undergoing annual financial audits that produce audited financial statements, which in turn are filed with multiple state and international regulators
  • Advanced cash controls
  • International GAAP and IFRS accounting rules
  • Overseeing tax return filings and preparation
  • Experience using all types of accounting software—from QuickBooks online to advanced systems such as SAP
  • As a former candidate for federal office, Elijah also knows how to review and file FEC reports as well as the Arizona election reports
  • Extensive knowledge of regulatory filings
  • Elijah has detailed knowledge of Federal election compliance rules as well as state compliance rules
  • Extensive experience with secure invoice approval processes and financial security protocols
As an accomplished business leader, Elijah is by far the most experienced candidate to do this job. As AZGOP treasurer, Elijah plans to bring a new sense of accountability and transparency to the office. He will:
Ensure all invoices are being reviewed, in detail by the Treasurer prior to approval
Ensure that the invoice approval process, as outlined in the bylaws is followed
Have detailed, accurate, transparent financials
Work with the Chairperson to have audited financial statements by a CPA firm to ensure donor confidence
Ensure that the AZGOP does not engage in wasteful spending
Ensure that every dollar of donor money is spent to help us WIN in 2024

Once there is a sense of accountability and transparency in the AZGOP books, Elijah is confident donors will donate big to help propel the AZGOP forward. As a former federal candidate who raised nearly $800,000 in one election cycle alone—Elijah has the fundraising skillset and relationships with conservative, America-first donors to help us raise the money to win in 2024. Elijah plans to work with the Chairperson to engage in an aggressive fundraising campaign.

In addition to his comprehensive financial background, Elijah has a vision for our party to lead us into 2024 and beyond!

Elijah's Vision for the AZGOP

In 2018, Republicans controlled nearly every statewide elected office, had comfortable majorities in the state legislature, and had both US senate seats. Today, Arizona now has a Democrat governor, secretary of state, and attorney general. Both US senate seats are held by Democrats, and we are only one seat away in both the Arizona House and Arizona Senate from delivering Katie Hobbs a Democratic legislature. What we have been doing ISN’T WORKING. We need a chair and an executive board that understands this. Elijah does, and if elected plans to:

  • Work to establish a new active election-integrity task force
  • Work with the Maricopa GOP to oust the Maricopa county board of supervisors
  • Be strategic with candidate selection and races
  • Establish a massive voter registration initiative to GROW the GOP
  • Have an accountable and transparent GOP
  • Recruit the “best of the best” candidates to run for office up and down the ballot
  • WIN elections – not just by a little, but by LARGE margins
  • Focus on "get out the vote" efforts in ALL counties - not just Maricopa and Pima
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